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Ready to Build?

Ready to Build?Great! If you are ready to consider building, please answer the questions below so we can better serve you.  We will be glad to talk with you about your project. 

  1. Describe your project for us. Is it an addition, remodel, garage, etc.?

  2. What are the approximate dimensions?

  3. Will the addition or remodel be part of or affect more than one room? Such as a hallway, stairwell, bathroom, etc?

  4. Does your project include fixing a problem?

  5. If so what is the issue?

  6. Do you have project plans?

  7. Do you have or have you started the permit process?

  8. Do you need us to consult with you to see if your project is feasible?

  9. Do you have any existing materials for the job you wanted to include?

  10. Are you expecting to do any of the work?

  11. Do you have a budget?

  12. How many bids do you have and with who?

  13. Name

  14. Telephone Number to reach you:

  15. Best time to reach you:

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